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October 6, 2013
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Melody R. by xxHannahxRosexx Melody R. by xxHannahxRosexx
Melody "Kay" Hedgehog
Age: 15
Species: Hedgehog
Type: Power
Fav. Food: Cherries
Likes: Salad,cute stuff,nice people,books,music,singing
Dislikes: Jerks,weirdos,disgusting things

Melody "Kay" Hedgehog was born in a nice town,with nice parents,and around nice people. She has grew up a happy life,and has always been homeschooled. She moved out her own home when she was 13 and got her own apartment saying she was "21". Those idiots actually believed her. She currently lives alone and started going to "normal" school while she works a part-time job at a restaurant,as a waitress. In the future she plans to be a nurse.
Later in the year at her new school,she meets Chloe "May" Cat. She realized that Chloe has been bullied all her life and finally puts a stop to it in my new comic,"Meet Melody". Melody was riding the bus home and she seen Chloe and a younger girl(Candi) walking home by themselves. Melody gets of the bus and follows them until they reach a dark alleyway. Chloe and the younger girl(Candi) climb inside a large cardboard box,cuddle up,and go to sleep....or atleast they try too. It then starts to rain. Melody,already soaked and wat says," that you...? What are you doing out here,with that girl,in the rain...!?"
Chloe's ears poked up and said,"This is where I live." Melody felt her heart almost stop. "W-where you live.....?" "Yep,I lost my parents a while back,I'm poor,this is my friend Candi,and I live in a cardboard box." Melody put on a caring face and replied,"Why didn't you tell me...? You could've stayed with me! I live ALONE! You know,what? I don't care what you two have to say,you are going to stay with me...intead of a cardboard BOX! Com'on,lets go." Before Chloe could respond,Melody grabbed both her and Candi's arms and lead them to her house.
They all live there now,and quickly became friends. BEST friends. :heart:

Melody: (c) Me! :heart: :iconxxhannahxrosexx:

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